Freemasons donate £75,000 for victims of Lincolnshire floods

Lincolnshire Floods Lincolnshire Floods Masonic Charitable Foundation

The MCF has donated £25,000 to an emergency fund being set up by East Lindsey District Council, in response to Lincolnshire floods. Lincolnshire Freemasons and the Mark Benevolent Fund have matched this grant with two further grants of £25,000.

Major flooding in Wainfleet

More than two months of rain fell in just two days, causing major flooding, most acutely in Wainfleet, where 1,000 people have been forced out of their homes after the Rover Steeping burst its banks. Those residents who remain have been told to avoid using toilets, showers and washing machines.

The Environment Agency is pumping water away and “had shifted 225 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water” overnight.

Supporting recovery

The real problems for residents will begin once the floodwaters have receded, with a massive bill expected for the clean-up. Hundreds of residents will find their homes uninhabitable, with some waiting months before they can move back in.

Lincolnshire freemasons show their support

Lincolnshire Provincial Grand Master, Dave Wheeler said:

“To see anyone driven from their home by flooding is heartbreaking, especially when it’s in your own community.  I’m pleased that we have been able to move so quickly in making this donation of £75,000. It underlines that Freemasons are determined to help put the heart back into this part of Lincolnshire.”

James Murphy, Joint CEO of the Lincolnshire Community Foundation, said:

"When something like this happens that you find out how good a community is, and Wainfleet’s is particularly strong.

The Lincolnshire Community Foundation is working in partnership with the Recovery Coordinating Group to raise funds and support Wainfleet and the surrounding area. Money donated will help to relieve hardship, complete repairs, make good loss or damage, help to prevent the flooding happening again, and to improve the response in the event that it ever does."


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